Importance Of Lab Teaching

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During the lab teaching, my job as a facilitator was to teach my group members two important task he/she could use to engage in a specific sport. The sport I had to teach to my peers was Pickle – Ball, and the specific task/skill I taught was how to properly strike the individually and to someone specifically. The facility space I was able to use was half court of a gymnasium. The manner in which I presented the content in a sequence was great, but I felt my organization could have been a little better.
My content sequence was great because I showed each student in my group how to strike the ball before taking the next step, which was striking it to someone else. For example, in order for a baby to begin walking he/she has to learn how to crawl properly, so him/her will be able to learn the next steps in the walking sequence. In order for them to attempt task two, he/she has to understand/demonstrate an understanding of task one. After seeing others presentation, I believe my organization could have been better. In my presentation I would have maybe included more specific objects as where the students had to go. For example, in task one I
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When demonstrating things to kids, you have to be mindful of how your emotions and feelings are when presenting things to kids. For example, if you are demonstrating something to kids and you are not feeling what you are teaching then the students are going to see you are not passionate in what you are trying to get across. He/she will then feel as if they shouldn’t be passionate in learning the specific task. When it came to positive presence, I was more so positive. I say this because along with being present as the teacher, I was able to deliver the task in a positive way so the students could enjoy

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