Importance Of Knowledge Assessment

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Learner Survey/Skill-Knowledge Assessment
Fall 2016
Ethics, Education and Change

Name _______Ashley Ridgeway__________ Subject (Major) Area: __Clinical Psychology________________ Graduate Yr: ___Sophomore___

This section of the assessment asks you to look at yourself, your background, and your approach to learning and to ethics. It also gives the instructor an idea of who you are, what you are looking to achieve, and some insight into how you intend to achieve it. Reformat this as you go, so it looks as professional as possible.

1. Educational background, high school/college, degrees, training, area of emphasis, universities attended: I first attended Hereford High school (Monkton, MD, 1954).After graduating from high school I then
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Describe and rate your current level of experience with learning and your self-direction of learning. I would say very good, but I wouldn’t mind improving my level of experience with learning. I learn better when I am interested in a topic versus when I am told to do a topic that I don’t find interesting. I don’t exhibit a lot of initiative in setting my goals. I usually set them later and then do not follow through with them until the last minute which I would like to change.

2. What do you find exciting about learning?
I find learning new things exciting and if I can learn something new about technology then I would be happy to learn that. I find group work is a very useful tool when learning because you form ideas and get to hear everyone else’s thoughts. 3. What would you prefer to avoid/what do you already know?
Honestly, I do not know anything about ethics except for the definition of ethics because I have never taken an ethics course.

4. What things define the boundaries of your current state of knowledge and skills in enabling your success? (This is a difficult question. Give it some thought.)
I believe when I don’t test myself or take the time to read or write then I am lessening the strength of my learning

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