Importance Of Keeping Fit Essay

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To correctly teach and convey the meaning behind English words a series of techniques and methods must be used, these have been applied to the words below.
Yesterday, the best way to convey the meaning of this word in my opinion would be to uses a combination of visual aids and making sentences. To begin with I would ask the class “What date it is today?” they would then present me with the answer, I would then bring out an enlarged printout of a calendar and whilst the class are watching I would circle todays date, from this I would tell the class that this is today. I would then point to yesterday’s date and ask them “Can you tell me this date please”. Once I have received the answer I will explain that this date is the date before today
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After this I would proceed to ask the students to describe what I have just made them do, this allows me to discover what English words or phrases they know about keeping fit. I will then ask the students to retake their seat and I will explain that “Keeping Fit” encompasses physical exercise that helps you to keep your body physically fit and healthy, unlike being un-fit where a person does no exercise and physical fitness is not promoted. The class will then participate in a game where flash cards and repetition are used, the students will be shown a series of flash cards where images of activities are shown, they will then be asked “Keeping Fit” or “Un-fit” this will allow me to see if they class understand the concept of “Keeping …show more content…
From this I will then stick the flash cards to a classroom board and make a family tree, on the tree I will show the student their mother and father and then their grandparents. I will then move forward and discuss the word “Grandfather” and what other substations/synonymous for the word “Grandfather” could be i.e. grandad, grandpa, grand-pere and abuelo. From this the class will move on to group role-plays where the groups have to act out family scenarios and the audience have to identify the

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