Importance Of Karate In Life

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In life, sometimes it’s necessary to leave people and things behind. In Holden’s case, he has left his parents for boarding school, and he hated Pencey so much that he barely tried, resulting in him having to leave the school. Similar things happen to everyone because life has lots of unpredictable obstacles that cause you to alter what you’re doing. For example, I had to end up quitting karate when I was younger, which was hard because I enjoyed it.
On a normal Tuesday, my 10 year old self would usually be lounging in my living room, enjoying a nice session of cartoon watching. However, this was not the case today. Our car pulls up to a miniscule plaza with two floors. At the top window, a cutout of a man doing a jump kick was attached to
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At the time, I thought I could become a black belt. But, I soon realized that it was quite the commitment. Not only was it three days a week, but I had things like soccer and baseball going on at the same time. You can see how that might impair my ability to focus one one sport. This is when karate became to become boring. During class, I would find myself intently staring at the clock, and wanting to finish up our lesson as quick as possible. This made it difficult to learn routines, and I feared that I would fall behind. Not to mention my brother’s continual bad behavior, which would result in him fleeing the dojo every couple of classes. This is when me and my parents realized that I had a choice. I either needed to drop soccer and baseball, or quit karate. After reflecting for a few days, I determined that I enjoyed myself more while playing soccer and baseball, so I decided to quit karate.
This particular time in my life has kind of stuck with me, and it helps me balance out school, activities, and sports today. I find it useful to be able to know when to make decisions based on things going on in life, and it should be something everyone knows how to do. If you truly feel that you can’t handle doing a certain amount of things, I think it’s important to reflect on what’s your top

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