Importance of Internet Technology in Aviation Essay

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This article demonstrates that the advent of internet has entirely revolutionised the way in which aviation industry operates. Such internet technologies are now becoming crucial for the rapid developing field of airline industry to enhance operational efficiency, improve its marketing and distribution strategy, and control cost, however, the most prominently, to improve the travelling experience of customers and service quality.
The purpose of this article is to examine on how the internet has impacted in the Airline and Airport industry, whilst highlighting the instant development and advantages which internet has contributed for the overall success to the airline industry.
In the other hand, this article also enlightens the
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Hanlon (2007) and Jones (2004) adds that the consumer has high expectations of value for money when it comes to airline service; therefore, airlines are investing constantly in reaching the needs of the customers by providing even more convenience in all areas of air service. Taneja (2011) some airline agents are even going mobile, where they are now using handheld devices to issue baggage tags and boarding passes in an attempt to manage wait times. Airports have also been trying to use emerging technology to improve the part of the services they provide to the airlines and passengers. Examples of technologies being used by airports include Flight Information Display Systems and Wi-Fi. Airports are now not only working closely with airlines in the area of self-service check-in devices, but are also experimenting to further improve by the wide availability of self-service options in other areas including tagging baggage, security clearance, and border control with the use of technology as Radio-frequency Identification to deliver a better passenger experience, ultimately, manage the time spent waiting in line throughout the airport and to ensure the productivity of airline and airport resources as well as security. All this has been possible because of developments in information technology (IT) and

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