Importance Of Internet In Education

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Register to read the introduction… “Television continues to be the most important medium for conveying information, news and culture in its broadest sense. It is universal in its availability and it is still free at the point of use to its viewers”. The researchers are of the view that like television, Internet can also play significant educational role. This is evident from the views of Johnsson et al (1998) ‘Television now gives all people, especially children increased access to all areas. The internet offers young people even more possibilities. They may not only visit all places and sites on the internet, they may even get involved in specific actions there, such as ordering different services without telling who they are or how old they are. Thus, they have new possibilities, but also new responsibilities and new problems, and these they share with adults’.

2- How has the introduction of new technologies-the internet, DVRs, cell phones, and so forth-changed the way that information is communicated by the entertainment

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