Importance Of Intercultural Competence

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Intercultural competence is one’s ability to effectively communicate with people of different cultures and dialects. This entails the ability to value properly and respect the rules, norms, and expectations of the culture in question. An individual who is intercultural competent has a thorough understanding of the culture-specific concepts of reasoning and acting accordingly while interacting with foreign cultures. Cultures are different, ranging from nations and continents to companies and even to families. The core difference may be either, geographical, ethical, political, ethnic or even religious. The principle requirement that does define intercultural competence are empathy and understanding other people’s behaviors and how they think and react, with an equilibrium of being able to express your way of reasoning. (Darla 21). There are more factors to add on to the core values that define cultural competence. Having a steady firmness to tolerance for uncertainty, which scopes on an individual’s level of comfort in uncertain situations, contributes …show more content…
Respect for other people 's culture and norms come far off as a value that will make an individual stand out in this setting. It defines their unity ability and relationship conformity with other people of different ethnics and how they will relate to all matters that might include their council or opinion. This goes hand in hand with appropriate and effective communication skills within the intercultural setting as a value that will strengthen the relationship between the two. Having effective skills to analyze, evaluate and relate to persons of different communities develops a sense of uniqueness and reliability. It solidifies one 's competence and relevance while deployed in an intercultural setting (Darla

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