Importance Of Inquiry Based Learning Powered By Technology

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Inquiry-based learning powered by technology "Tell me and I forget, show me and I remember, involve me and I understand" (Franklin). This old proverb tells us the essence of inquiry-based learning. Rather than being told by others about our world, it is much more memorable if we explore the facts first-hand by ourselves and engage in the involvement. The human beings are naturally curious and have a natural potentiality for learning: "They are curious about their world, until and unless this curiosity is blunted by their experience in our educational system" (Freedom to Learn). The process of inquiring begins when we were born. Newborns learn the world by inquiring, they gather information and remember the experience through applying the basic human senses: sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch. It is all from natural, no need to teach. Inquiry leads involvement, which makes observations, collects and analyzes information, implies possessing skills. Next step is understanding and then seeking solutions. Facts are changing frequently, and information is readily available now. Memorization is not the most efficient skill for …show more content…
Inquiry-based learning emphasizes the self-learning to pursue the investigations based on learner’s previous experiences. The highly reliance on the individual learner may work for some learners, but may not for others especially from marginalized groups or with limited experiences. In addition, how to orient the students and help them take charge of the inquiry process? How can we measure their understanding of the curriculum and determine their ability to progress during the inquiry learning? What is the assurance that necessary skills could be developed through inquiry learning? Technology offers dramatic, new opportunities to support inquiry-based

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