Importance Of Information Technology For Hr Planning

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One of the class discussions that stood out me was and I found I could relate too was Information Technology for HR Planning.
I found this chapter to be very informative because the workforce along with career roles are constantly changing. In the human resource field and many others technology is becoming the leading force of change. Technology now may imply a complete take over of a certain job and this could mean your position will no longer exist. Being accurately informed about the role technology plays in your field will be a great benefit to your organizations as well as your job.
Our textbook states that “according to industry is becoming an unthinkable proposition” which indicates that technology and human resources will either at
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Software programs make it possible for human resources professional to examine employee performance using metrics to ensure that employees are meeting performance standards. Employees that cannot stay within these standards may be given the opportunity to have additional training or this could provide information that may lead to an employee be let go in favor of an employee who is will to work with data provided by the software …show more content…
When I began at this organization I never met or was sure who the human resource personnel were in a matter of fact when there was finally contact it through an email and the instructions were basically “follow the link below and you will get the information you need”. Every human resource process for approximately two years were done via email or web links based on the company intranet system.
I came to realize very quickly after my orientation that my training would all be computer based training as I so now so casually call the CBTs, you were required to obtain 52 hours of training every year and 90% of the time you are responsible for recording and obtaining these hours, human resource is never involved.
Our organization human resources department will push out certain initiatives and provide us with a book let and if you have any further questions, there is a link or CBT that will answer all the question you may have.
As the years have gone by we have recently seen screen pop up in each department which measure the percentage of errors, correction made, invoice sent and resent. The information based on my IT when I so inquisitively asked was to measure the work load and of the lack of based on department based on

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