Importance Of Infection Control

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What is one of the main things that all health care professionals should strive to maintain…infection control! A nosocomial infection is an infection that is transmitted during a patient’s visit in the hospital for unrelated reasons. This term is more commonly called healthcare associated infection or HAI for abbreviation. According to the CDC approximately
5% to 10% of all hospitalized patients will acquire a HAI. Since HAIs can jeopardize patients’ safety it is crucial that healthcare professionals follow precautions to help maintain infection control. As a radiologist technologist there is daily opportunity to contribute in the success of infection control. To begin with the radiologist tech must be mindful of how they present
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Any equipment that is used in the patients’ room must stay in the room.
Visitors must wash their hands before and afternoon entering the infected patient’s room. All of these isolation techniques are used to improve infection control.
Radiologist tech can educate patients on infection control. A patient, that is unfamiliar with the requirements of infection control, may become offended if they observe the health care professional wearing gloves or other protective items. The patient may feel as if the healthcare professional is questioning the patient’s sanitation. It is important to inform the patient about infection control precautions, and that these precautions are used to help protect the patient from infectious disease.
Radiologist technologists not only have a professional duty, but also a moral duty to strive to follow precautions designed for infection control. Infection control requirements are designed for the safety of all patients and healthcare workers. When a patient visits a hospital or health care facility they expect to leave healthier, they do not anticipate being exposed to fatal diseases. Patient health and safety should always be the primary focus of all health care

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