Importance Of Inclusion In Teaching

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This section aims to present the data collected from the interviews with the teachers and discuss the themes identified in the transcripts of the interviews. The main themes will be analysed and compared to the literature regarding the theme.
The questions I wanted to investigate were; what is the teachers’ understanding of inclusion; what is their experience of inclusion; does inclusion have an impact on their style/method of teaching; in their opinion does inclusion work for pupils with SEN; in their opinion does inclusion work for pupils without SEN.
Ten teachers were interviewed, four men, six women as with the school the majority of teachers are female. Each interview was given a ‘letter’ for confidentiality.
Question 1: How long have
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Common keywords used: Yes; Definitely; Should do more so; Planning; Recourses; Differentiation.
All of the teachers answered that inclusion has a direct impact on their teaching style/method. The teachers thought that where it had the most impact was on planning lessons to make them accessible to all pupils. One teacher said ‘I spend most of my planning time thinking how I can make this work for student X’ One teachers comments on how much time and effort goes into the planning for inclusion;
‘I go through my list and check who needs what colour paper, who needs the smart board on a different background, who should I put with whom to do a group project, do I have TA support in that lesson, how can I best utilize the TA as a resource ’.
Quite a few teachers expressed the opinion that inclusion should have more of an impact on their teaching style/method. One teacher stated ‘As much as I try to differentiate the work when I’m talking to the whole class I have to pitch it at the average pupil’.
Question 6: In your opinion/experience does inclusion work for pupils with
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Teachers expressed their opinion that it taught the students a great deal about how we are all different and have our own strengths and weakness. Teacher ‘C’ told me ‘kids learn better from other kids than from teachers’ lots of the time. I can explain something and I’ll see one kid ask the kid next to them what did she mean? Then the kid gives the most amazing explanation and I think Wow! Wish I had explained it like that.’ She goes on to explain why that is beneficial regarding inclusion; ‘The lower ability kid benefits from having the work explained again perhaps in a way they can more readily access and the abler kid consolidates their

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