Importance Of Impressions In My Life

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The dramatical approach, is that what they call it? To be an actor on a stage to present an ideal self? I notice that a lot of myself, whether I want to admit or not ; was to impress others. But when slowly realizing it was waste of time to get unit is not all sad tales of a an upcoming young adult trying to fit into her environement but a learing experience of how deep in genetic impressions. She does not have the time or energy for such nonsense. Like alot teen ficitin she just want to hop on a van to Woodstock to spread peace and joy to the world with a mate that agreed to a minminal lifestyle.

Why I wear tights?
It started with my mom. It always start with the mom, but I am grateful to have a good mom. In my family with cotton field, small southern town roots of Mississippi. Impressions are very important. Especially in church. You don’t want to offend the elders and have them spread gossip of how poorly you must been raised to wear a tight skirt that bared your knees! Thus dress modestately. No back showing, where the proper undergarments, no brightly lit colors on face and body, and most of all no cleavage. I abide Then one chilly moring of college. Full of stressful academia. I caved. Tights, seem like the perfect
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For instance the government doesn’t give your money to your desencdents it something was to happen to you right now. He keeps it for himself for a war or a policy your don’t agree with. I tought one of my closes friend that. He would save him money for future that was not promise. It is important to save money at a early start, but his reasons he believe that his present was worth enjoying or indulging in. he had desires to get a new shirt or see that new movie but didn’t think he was worth it. I showed him that you can do thing s for yourself and still be humble life is too short to hard not

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