Health Promotion Proposal Sample

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. Getting different youth clubs and organizations involved like Boys and Girls clubs, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA), Young Women’s Christian Association (YWCA), and other clubs found in the community. Collaborating with these different organizations to help promote and implement these classes and exercises in the community. Having each organization in charge of one aspect of the program for example bike club.
Contacting doctor’s offices and hospitals leaving flyers to inform patients of these classes. Placing an ad in the local paper each week with information on classes. Informing local businesses of the classes and ask if they can add it to their newsletters if they have one. The same classes would
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Listing focus areas from The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation that will be discussed in these classes. Obtaining participants body mass index (BMI), waist circumference and a health evaluation when they first start participating. Monitoring the strengths and weaknesses of the health classes and exercise clubs. Tracking the amount of people that show up to each class to know what classes have a higher attendance. Providing a short evaluation form at each class for participants to fill out. Objectives of the health promotion program will be taught and explained every class. The objectives are to reduce the childhood obesity in our community and to help promote healthy families by following this community intervention of health classes with specific topics that give step-by-step goals and information from The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation focus areas for childhood …show more content…
With this intervention I feel my community will have good results with reducing childhood obesity. The community based health classes will give participants goals and information to help them change their habits to healthier ones. This intervention will give participants support and guidance from others. Taking one class at a time and making small goals makes participants feel they can accomplish something. Continually evaluating this intervention of health classes and exercise clubs is important to help everyone learn and grow from it. Our children’s health is at risk if we cannot help families learn to have healthy lifestyles. Implementing interventions like this can help a lot of people learn how to be healthy. This can change their lifestyle and for some people can save their

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