Importance Of Immigration Issues Essay

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Since its inception, America has continuously dealt with immigration. Aversion and hostility usually greet immigrant communities once they cross the ocean or physical border that separates them from the ‘land of opportunity’. Although America encompasses people of many different national and ethnic backgrounds and integrates aspects of foreign cultures into the society the American government however, delegates very harshly with regards to foreign migration populations. Harsh laws, such as the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act (IIRIRA) and regulations seem to affect primarily immigrants coming from the southern border. Only a fraction of the population in detainment, immigrants who may face deportation
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In 1996 Congress passed the Illegal Immigration and Immigrant Responsibility Act (IIRIRA) which mandated detention of noncitizens convicted of any crime, including minor drug charges. It is said that this law was responsible for the great influx in the immigrant detention system in the late 1990s. After serving a sentence in the United States, detainees must then face possible deportation. Legal immigrants who pose little threat are risk detainment and possible deportation for misdemeanors after serving time in the US correctional facility. There is also significant overcrowding, and women and children accounting for a large percentage of the population and they are receiving inadequate resources Shah mentions.
Similar to large scale prisons, once at the center, the immigrants must perform manual and janitorial labor for only about one dollar per day. Instead of keeping women and children in detention centers the ICE should allow them community correction alternatives, such as parole. While they are in the deportation process, women and children should perform their daily functions. Mothers should still have the opportunity to provide and support for their families, and children should still be able to continue their

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