Importance Of Ideals

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The importance of the ideals’ pursuit in shaping the United States in the years before 1865 Having relatively not very long history, the United States of America has gone an impetuous and highly complicated way of development. Throughout a couple of centuries and due to the several harsh military conflicts, a collection of the British colonies turned into a strong state with democratic outlook and religious pluralism. While shaping the USA frequently seems to be done precisely for the material gains, it is apparent that ideological factor was far more significant till 1865. The ideals of democratic life and values appeared to be the crucial factor of the new state establishment. It is well-known from the history that America or the New World …show more content…
From the XVIIth century, when the New World began to be colonized by Great Britain as well, the colonists assigned an agreement, which reflected general ideas of democracy, self-government, and civil rights. The first colonies were sharply different in social status and religious convictions. It was necessary, as all thirteen colonies included equally Lutherans, Mennonites, Catholics, Puritans, Huguenots, and other religious communities. Another unifying factor was vulnerability to the frequent Indian raids. As one of the colonist mentions, he rights of the Colonists are a right to life, to liberty, to property. Thus, neither social status, nor aristocratic origin had a sense for the colonists in the USA, except their ability to share democratic …show more content…
Thomas Jefferson admitted human subordination and the common good as the highest principles of the state’s social structure. The Constitution of the United States considered the population of the new state as the people of a perfect Union, who established justice, insured domestic tranquility, provide for the common defence. Saving such a democratic outlook and own independence was considered the greatest honor for the American army. The problem of slavery also demonstrated how the citizens of the USA were united by the democratic ideals. In the Petition of the Blacks to the American government in 1777, the African Americans considered themselves free according to the natural and unalienable right. Equality of everyone under the American law was the most important feature of a true citizen.
Traditions of the holidays’ celebration was also unique in Colonial America. Unlike conservative Europe with strict religious norms of feasting, colonial Americans celebrated freely such contrast traditional holidays as Thanksgiving, Chanukah, Christmas, and New Year. In fact, it is also a significant factor to confirm an exceptional variety of different religious traditions and customs existed at the same time in the

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