Importance Of Ideal Manager

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The ideal manager must meet certain skills. Those skills are not limited only to his experience and his ability to direct the activities of his business. Although those skills are important. The main task of a manager is to lead an organization to ensure its success. To accomplish this mission efficiently, a manager must have three basic management skills: technical, human and conceptual skills. Each skill is important and one manager cannot be an effective manager if he/she is missing one of the basic skills.
With good technical skills, a manager is able to achieve the goal of an organization, which is success. It is important for a manager to have technical skills because those skills will help him understand how his organization works and help him make the right
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In contrast, the manager who oversees the work of the lower level managers will need less of the technical skills related to the job performed within the different departments of the organization. However, it is important for all managers, lower level or higher level to have technical skills in order to understand better their job. The higher your position as a manager, the lower the need for technical skills. If a manager lacks technical skills,

At work, human skills can be just as important as technical skills. It is important for a manager to have human skills because he/she is constantly interacting with employees from different backgrounds. Because of those personal differences between employers, it is necessary for a manager to build relationships with colleagues to promote better understanding, cohesion, and team dynamics. While technical skills are about the “running of things’” such as the method, techniques, and procedures, human skills are about the development of the relationships that a manager has with other people of the organization. The ability to communicate with the members of an organization facilitates the transmission of

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