Importance Of Hunting With My Dad

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“Relax, Shelb. Close one eye and keep focused on your target. Good luck.” My father spoke from behind me one morning as I headed to the tree stand. I tried to do as he said, letting my muscles relax. One eye closed, just end the double vision I had from having the rifle’s sight so close to my gaze. Growing up, I have enjoyed hunting with my father. I have grown as an individual hunting with my father, and I have been a different person ever since.
I have been hunting with my dad ever since I was a little kid. When I first began deer hunting my dad taught me how to hold a gun and how not to point it at people. He also taught me how to aim, pull the trigger and when to put the safety on fire. I learned the basics of hunting from him. My dad is
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My dad, my brother and I went out before sunset to get settled in our places. My dad was driving so he was going to start at the end of the finger and drive towards my brother and I. My brother stood behind me by a tree and was watching the fence and beyond, while I was in the tree stand ahead of him watching the draw. When we got settled in I messaged my dad to tell him to go ahead and start walking. Before we got into places, we heard rustling in the woods where we were heading and right when I got into view of the area I saw the white tail of a deer jumping the fence. We figured it would come back if the area was quiet again. It was about 30 minutes after we were in place was when I heard leaves crunching like someone eating a bag of potato chips. I did not think much of it because I just thought it was another squirrel. But then I saw the body of the deer start coming into view. I thought it was a doe because I did not see any antlers at first. But then when it past the bush and a couple of trees the antlers came out and buck fever started to set in for me. I immediately panicked and tried to calm myself down and just remembered what my dad always said to me. “Just relax, Close one eye and keep focused on your target.” I pulled up my gun to my cheek and looked down the sites with the deer in view. I took a deep breath and made a slight noise so the buck would stop and look up. …show more content…
When we are together whether it would be at home or out hunting, we would always have some sort of argument. But at the end of day, we get through it and move on. Hunting is our way to bond with each other, see different sides of one another. My dad does not tell me what I do wrong straight up, he lets me figure it out on my own so I can learn from my mistakes. One morning hunt, before we left the house we got into an argument and did not talk to each other from when we left the house to when we got to our stands. However, we went out and I hear my dad tell me something as I was walking. “Remember, just relax and close one eye and keep focused on the target.” I smiled, and said “Okay, dad” immediately I forgot we even fought that morning. We went out and I was to sit by the fence while he drived towards me. When were out hunting doing what we love, it links us together even more and makes us closer. The ups and downs in our relationship just get stronger when we are out in the woods together. It really truly connects us. Leading me to say how I have grown as a person from what he shows and tells

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