Importance Of Humanism In The Tempest

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Philosophy is the study of ideas. Philosophy has four main branches: Ontology, study of reality: Epistemology, study of knowledge: Ethics, The study of moral: Aesthetics, study of art and beauty. Many Philosophers like Plato, Socrates, and Aristotle etc. contributed their own knowledge so we can use their philosophy in our life. According to Sir David, Humanism focuses on personal freedom, choice and responsibility. Achievement motivation towards highest levels. Control of own Destiny. Child centered. Interaction with others. Shakespeare is the perfect expression of Renaissance Humanism. Shakespeare sympathy for humanism push him to create his core character in this play, where his core character is represent of what the Renaissance Humanism …show more content…
Prospero and Miranda was stranded on one little island for 12 years because Prospero is being betrayed by his brother Antonio with the help of King Alonso and Sebastian (King Alonso brother). The story begins on the island where Prospero and Miranda was stranded and where Prospero learned to control his magic to control all creatures in the island. Prospero is using his magic to create storm to shipwreck the ship that sailing nearby their island to regain his revenge and his throne. Inside the ship King Alonso, Ferdinand, Sebastian, Antonio, Gonzalo, Stephano, and Trinculo are panicked because their ship is drowning because of the storm created by Prospero. In the island, Prospero summon Ariel, the magical spirit, tell Prospero how the magical spirit brought the nobleman to the island and tell Ariel to bring the nobleman to Prospero. Miranda and Prospero visit Caliban, the savage half-man who serves as a slave on Prospero’s island. Prospero tell him to get firewood then Caliban leave to get some firewood. Ferdinand and Miranda met each other and fall in love quickly (love at first sight). On other part of the island, Gonzalo, Sebastian, and Antonio were planning to kill Prospero. The magical spirit Ariel appears invisible and sing to put asleep Antonio and Sebastian. Ariel goes back to Prospero. Prospero regain his position that reveals of the Antonio betrayal and secure the marriage of Miranda to King Alonso son Prince

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