Importance Of Human Resource Management ( Hrm ) Essay

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The Importance of Human Resource Management Studies show that Human Resource Management (HRM) is an important factor in business. Human Resource Management has been around for years; however, some people think it is a newer idea. To be able to correctly understand why Human Resource Management is important, one must first see how HRM came about and the purpose for which it serves. The history of HRM can be shown in past cultures. As far as the purpose of HMR it can be determined by looking at their own job description. Human Resource Management is a key factor in a business and also in management in general. In 2015, Global Journal of Human Resource Management stated that HRM came about in 2000BC – 1000BC. To support this theory they claimed mechanisms for selecting tribal leaders; recording and dissemination of knowledge about safety; health, hunting and gathering of food; use of employee screening techniques by the Chinese; and use of the apprentice system by the Greek were all an early form of Human Resource Management. Since man began forming tribes and civilizations there has been a form of HRM to manage the people and set them into their correct job setting. In the 1920 to 1930 range Global Journal of Human Resource Management also states there was a rise of motivation practices occasioned by the Hawthone studies along with various attempts at employee satisfaction… such as better wages and good working conditions. These beginnings in HMR helped the…

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