Importance of Human Resource Department Essay

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The importance of the Human Resource Department by Ng Hui Chen, GSM
Employee is one of the most important assets of a company as they have significant influential power to the success of a company. Therefore, effective and efficient human resource management is crucial to every organization. However, the emergence of the centralized Human Resource Department (HRD) has created conflicts on whether the responsibility of human resource management should lie on line managers or HRD. The debate about the roles of line managers and centralized HRD in human resource management has been ongoing since couple of years ago (Hutchinson and Purcell, 2003). In my opinion, HRD remains as one of the important role within an organization despite the need
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If employees’ well being is well taken care of, the performance of the employees will usually be enhanced. Thus, HR practitioner should constantly review company’s policies on pay structure, incentives and benefits in order to retaining the staff.

HRD is a business unit in a company that is highly specialized for human resource management. All the resources of HRD are allocated and directed for human resource management unlike line manager. Their roles are not redundant. Now, we shall take a look on the contribution and importance of HRD in the said three main functions in human resource management.

i) Recruiting
HRD can concentrate all their resources available to source for the best talents that best meet the company’s requirement. Line managers may not be able to prioritize their resources in hunting for the best talents although they are the parties who understand the skills and requirement of a particular job the most.

ii) Developing and Retaining
Line manager will be responsible for job analysis and performance management. With the input from line manager, HRD can arrange and coordinate for various training programs to develop the skills of their staff. Without HRD to coordinate the training request from managers of different business lines, company may incur extra training cost.

In the mean time, HRD play an important role to reduce biased decision of line manager on their staff

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