Mr Saffold Character Analysis

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Highly effective principals are Activators. Activators are not sitting around waiting for things to happen. They decide what needs to be done and move forward to accomplish their goals. Activators described in the textbook are all on the go with personalities to match, but the essence of this trait is not just a big personality. It is the ability to make things happen. This type of principal has the ability to motivate others, cheer them on, and take risks. Activators take the initiative without permission or being told what to do. Where others see problems like lack of resources as a hindrance, Activators become entrepreneurial and find resources creatively.
My principal, Mrs. Saffold, is always willing to make things happen. She has
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Saffold is a true Activator. She exudes many of the characteristics associated with this trait. I think this is one of the reasons she has been so effective for so long, but there are still areas for her to improve. She is not as outrageous as some of the exemplars described in the text. One will not find her agreeing to dress up in any costumes, but she has taken several pies to the face from students who worked hard for the privilege. Mrs. Saffold allows her faculty and staff to do their jobs with little interference, but I feel sometimes she is too hands off. She places a great deal of trust in people to do what is expected of them. So much so, she occasionally fails to make inquiries or inspect what is going on until something goes wrong. For example, a second grade teacher was put on medical leave in the middle of the school year. The class was left with a long term substitute and the teacher’s assistant. Mrs. Saffold believed the assistant teacher who has over 25 years of experience in the classroom would be able to carry on where the classroom teacher left off. After a few weeks, she noticed a disproportionate amount of office referrals coming from this classroom. Only then did she intervene by assigning the grade chairperson and a lead teacher to assist in the classroom. She also visited the class more and modeled lessons.
Principals who are Activators put themselves out there. They are always on the go and quick to take advantage of opportunities for advancement. Activators are nearly unstoppable when they have a goal. Their enthusiasm is contagious and those around them find it difficult to say no. An Activator like Mrs. Saffold is an asset to any school and community she

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