Importance Of High Achievers In The Workplace

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With this article, most organizations would welcome employees of this nature. High achieving performance employees view the quality of work as a precedence in the workplace. These individuals concentrate on doing their best job to please the organization. Their goal is to improve their skill set and have a take charge mentality in decision making. These traits complement their abilities that provide originality and new development for the organization. Autonomy is the main element of high-achievers in the workplace. Their time management is stellar in completing their task because they have learned to plan ahead because of their autonomy. Research and survey findings suggest they have the flexible schedule than other employees. In the workplace, …show more content…
Current research suggests they seek a meticulous report concerning their quality of work; they actively pursue an evaluate about their job performance. A high-performance employee maintains knowledge of the interworking’s of the organization. These individuals have regular contact with management of other departments to develop new ideas for the organization. They are aware when to take the “lead, follow and get out of the way” method constructively. However, a self-directed style lets these individuals direct their own professional development and assists the organization to be successful. They always remain motivated, ready to take on new tasks, and are self-initiated. High-achievers conduct research about matters within or spend a substantial about of time in training and development programs. They may seek new duties for the opportunities for learning purposes. High-achievers continue to gain knowledge and seek new responsibilities to excel their career. They are enthusiastic about the challenges that put them in a position to advance in the workplace. However, these individuals are very rare (Kelleher, …show more content…
Using a performance management approach such as evaluations to assess employee performance has their own unexpected challenges. When employers employ a complicated evaluation program, that is when they become aware the problems associated with an employee. Job satisfaction is a concern for the employer and will affect performance evaluation and jeopardize the “employer-employee relationship” by creating conflict between the worker and the manager. However, employers can use questionnaires, surveys, feedback from employees, and the manager’s appraisal describes what issues exist between job satisfaction and performance evaluations (Piening et al., 2013). Effective consulting management strategies will increase motivation and workplace

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