Healthy Relationship Research Paper

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A relationship is something that most of us wanted to have because having that one person who can lighten up our world is beyond perfection. However, no matter how great a relationship is, there are always bumps on the road that can either change the course of your journey towards a happy ending. What makes a healthy relationship always depend on the two people involved and it should not be base on what other people think about the two of you.
WHAT IS A HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP? A healthy relationship is something that can surpass no matter how bad the challenges being thrown to them are. Having a healthy relationship means that you and your partner fight together and always have each other's backs. It is base on equality and respect between
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A relationship base on honesty is definitely healthy and long-lasting compared to a relationship filled with lies. Being honest to your partner and even admitting to your mistakes is a big help to maintain a good relationship. Honesty will also evoke trust and good communication because you are talking to each other about what is happening in your lives.

• Individuality. You might think that being a couple might mean that you enjoy being together and sharing the same things, hobbies, likes and dislikes. However, the truth is that individuality is better in a relationship. You should not depend on your partner because you are incapacitating yourself if you do so. It is good if you are together because you can have someone to depend your needs on. But what will happen if he/she is on a business trip? Can you live on your own? Having your own individuality will make you live despite your partner being away. You enjoy your own personal activities and own set of friends and family.
• Genuine love. Okay, who sticks in a relationship without love? Good people engage in a relationship because they love the person and they want to be with that one. Though love is not enough when it is alone, it is still a strong foundation and key for a healthy

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