Importance Of Healthy Body Image And Self-Esteem

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Therefore establishing positive healthy body image and self-esteem can prevent children from getting depressed and suicidal.
Although talking about puberty can play an important role in developing a healthy body image, this isn’t the best possible method. Just using this method can still leave out important components that children need. Children may still have questions about bullies at school, or pictures that they saw on social media. They can also still be left with the feeling of not being understood, and they can still not have created healthy habits to a healthy lifestyle. Talking about puberty is one method, but it’s not the most effective by itself.
Making sure children have a healthy body image and self-esteem can’t be accomplished
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Parents need to create healthy habits like eating right and getting fit. Children that are healthy and fit are more likely to love their bodies and appreciate all the things it does. Creating healthy habits of eating right will allow children to be healthy and know what is good for their bodies. Eating right is very important for children to learn at this age. Having healthy habits will keep them away from eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia (Herrin, Matsumoto30-39). Having children understand the importance of physical activity will also help them feel more confident. Christopher Craggs, author of Determinants of change in physical activity in children and adolescents, states that children that are more physically active will have an increased well-being. So working out can be a positive way for children to feel more confident and have a higher self-esteem. Childhood obesity effects many children and can cause them to have a low self-esteem (Herrin and Matsumoto). Therefore, promoting healthy habits of eating right and staying fit can be effective ways for children to take care of their bodies and feel more

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