Importance Of Health Promotion

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Register to read the introduction… Therefore the work place was recognized as an important target for health promotion (Kristensen, 2000).
Summary and Analysis of the Study

Malaysia has been recognized as a developing state with a noticeable shift away from agricultural pursuits. The nation’s health status has improved with infant mortality decreasing and life expectancy increasing amongst its populations. However changes in lifestyle including shifts from been physically active to sedentary lifestyles and diets from high fibre to low fibre including the uptake of high-energy foods have resulted in a change in disease patterns. Heart disease and disease of the pulmonary circulation and cerebrovascular diseases have become the second and fourth leading cause of death in Malaysia (Ministry of Health, 2002).
Combined with these statistics and the results of a pilot study, a group of security guards, specifically Malay-Muslim male workers were used to form the intervention group and comparison group in the teaching hospital of the public university in Kuala Lumpur.

Appropriateness of the Study
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On the other hand, the objectives failed to recognize the projected health benefits, the size of the benefit to be achieved and when the benefits will be achieved (Jirojwong and Liamputtong. 2008). A post-evaluation questionnaire should have been utilised and under taken. The focus groups to expand on information gathered from the subjects as a means of identifying themes for the development of understandings and cultural beliefs amongst the subjects to enhance the education component of the study (Howat, Maycock, Cross, Collins, Jackson, Burns, and James. …show more content…
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