Importance Of Health Essay

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life is very very precious. After many births, one is believed to be born as human. Each and every day is Lord’s gift. Life is like a flower that blooms, gives fragrance and fades away. Life is also like a bubble, it may burst any moment if health is not properly taken care off. The very purpose itself is defeated , if not enjoyed. So, enjoy every moment of life with a smile on face. Smile and smile; one has to go miles and miles and, therefore, maintain good health.

Health is status of physical, mental and social wellbeing. Good health enables to enjoy life and have the opportunity and enthusiasm to achieve the goals. In order to maintain good health one should have basic knowledge about the human body and its functions.

All parts of
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• A living body is maintained by proper breathing, drinking &eating.
• Relax and have a positive and alert mind.
• Do not eat beyond your needs.
• He who eats once is yogi who eats twice is Bogi, who eats thrice a Rogi and who eats four times a day is one whom death welcomes.
• Do not eat when under emotional stress or when extremely fatigue.
• Exercise keeps health in a perfect level.
• Do not swallow until the food has been thoroughly masticated. Food is medicine.
• Make it a practice to eat slowly and chew your food thoroughly.
• Drink the solid and eat the liquid. It is a good policy not to take liquids with meals.
• Drink the water half an hour before meals and two hours after meals.
• Always select simple dishes make sure that your meals are prepared in a Natural way as possible.
• Do not eat until the previous meal has been digested.
• The person lives on half the food he eats and the doctor lives on the other half.
• The best drinks are pure water, fruit juices and vegetables soups.
• Occasional fast on fruit juices can do wonders for your Health.
• Do not eat just for eating sake, eat for Health.
• A healthy digestion is the key to a Happy
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• He who over eats will have all ailments.
• Be sure to thoroughly masticate your food.
• All living power is within your body.
• There are no curative powers in drugs, medicines, herbs anything else outside your own body.
• Do not eat when you are made, bad, sad, but eat when you are glad.
• Nature cure assists people to get well by removing causes of
Diseases and providing most favorable conditions.
• As stomach has no teeth chew and masticate your food in your mouth only.
• The average adult’s weight is made up of about two per cent calcium. • Do not feel sorry for yourself when giving up foods not conducive to / good health
• People who eat breakfast are less likely to overeat later in the day. • If milk is removed from the diet, it can lead to an inadequate intake of calcium
• Avoid alcohol @ least for 5-6 hr before sleep, instead take milk for a better sleep
• If you start your morning with the 10 min of exercise, you will boost your metabolism by 15%
• Drink 1.5-2 ltr of water a day 2 hydrate body, reduce fatigue and help brain work
• For every minute you are angry, you lose sixty seconds of happiness!
• Our body is a machine for living. It is organized for that, it is

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