Research Paper On Nigeria

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The country that would be written about in this report is Nigeria. It is a country that has blessed with natural resources and many other good natural blessings like great weather. However, they have suffered a lot in the economic sector in the last few years and this has affected other parts of the country like the health sector, the social and environmental lifestyle and a lot more.
Nigeria is country located in West Africa. Nigeria is known for having certain natural resources like Petroleum, natural gas, tin, iron ore and others. It is a country of deep culture and a lot of diversity. The nation has a lot of ethnic groups. However, the three major ethnic groups are Igbo, Yoruba and Hausa. The Igbo’s are predominantly located in the Eastern part of the country; the Yoruba’s are predominantly the Western part of the country while the Hausa’s are predominantly the Northern part of the country. According to countrymeters, Nigeria has a current
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However, not all of them make it alive. Child mortality in developed countries like the USA, England and many other economically rich countries is relatively low. In contrast, low middle class to poor economic countries like Nigeria suffer a high level of child mortality. According to CIA, In the USA, for every 1000 live births, an average of 5 dies. However, In Nigeria for every 1000 live births, an average of 72 dies (CIA, 2013-2014). The statistical numbers are not comparable at all and it is sad that in one part of the world there is relative assurance that your baby would be delivered safe and sound while in another part of the world even the pregnant woman doesn’t think she would come back safe and alive not to talk of the baby. Children mortality is high in countries like Nigeria. The question is why is that so? The poor health care system, high vulnerability to certain illnesses, malnutrition, starvation and a lot

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