The Importance Of Group Communication

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My group has been using the group discussion board as our primary method of communication. Since beginning our power point project we have been posting updates, questions and simple check ins to see how each member of the group is coming along on their portion of the power point. Communication is key; this is especially true because we are a virtual group. (Quote on importance of group communication here) We touch base with each other regularly for multiple reasons, the first being the need to establish a relationship. Unlike teams who see each other face-to-face on a regular basis, we cannot pick up on non-verbal clues that are expressed through body language nor are we able to establish an emotional connection with one another; with that …show more content…
It is true, whether we are speaking out loud or expressing our feeling through body language, we are constantly communicating with one another. When working with a team it is important to express a clear message; every person needs to have a complete understanding of what needs to be accomplished in order to achieve the ultimate goal. There are a few ways to get your message across, but first and foremost, there must be trust. As I have stated before, trust is the bedrock to any successful team. Each member of the team needs to feel comfortable to speak freely, ask questions, and approach any member of the team, especially the leader, with any concerns; this is possible once rapport has been built. "Without getting to know people on their level, it becomes a hit or a miss to communicate effectively with them on a regular basis." The loss of trust keeps members from expressing their ideas and different viewpoints that have the potential to deliver successful …show more content…
Overcome & Prevent Communication Breakdown. Communication breakdowns occur within every team, however a team’s ability to overcome this obstacle is what sets it apart from others. The most basic component of effective communication is a clear message. In order to ensure your message is being received correctly is to stay away from the use of jargon or "corporate talk"; this is a simple and effective way to ensure your message is being received without any confusion.
Another effective way to overcome communication breakdown is to practice active listening. Active listening can be described as the act of attentively hearing and comprehending the words and message that is being spoken by the other person. According to George Kohlrieser, a Professor of Leadership and Organizational Behavior at the International Institute for Management Development in Switzerland, passivity is one way to deter healthy dialogue; If one party is passive, that party is not engaged, and a real dialogue just won’t be possible, as stated by Daniel Goleman. Passivity is exactly what active listening attempts to eradicate by demanding that the listener attentively engages in the

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