Importance Of Gratitude Essay

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Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace and gratitude-Denis Waitley

The practice of gratitude is not new; it is one of deep innate soul wisdom passed down through the ages and the glue that sustains the best of society and our connection with others. If gratitude is a state of being that is essential to a good life, why then, do we not cultivate and express it on a daily basis? Perhaps the reason we do not make gratitude a part of our daily lives is that the fast pace and multiple distractions of life have made it all too easy to forget the importance of gratitude.

The self-help shelves in any bookstore are lined with books on gratitude; memes abound on social media stating the likes of ‘an attitude of
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New ‘gurus ' emerge claiming to have ‘the secret ' to help fix your life, often many not being sustainable. So, what 's missing?

A quick fix speaks to an awareness of something you have to change and then the action to take to bring about that change. Change that is sustainable involves more than awareness and action; it involves acceptance, love and risk. You can 't run away from your life, no matter how much you try. It can be scary to face yourself and make choices but the practice of gratitude provides healing, growth and enhances your inherent nature.

Gratitude is a high octave spiritual emotion that opens up our hearts. It is a skill learned and needs to be cultivated over time. Interestingly, you cannot be grateful and miserable at the same time. It is impossible to feel the fear, worry and negativity when we engage in gratitude from its truest sense. Gratitude and Grace live in the state of love; love for oneself, love of others, love of the journey traveled. It’s a daily process that is blessed with time; time to slow down and pay attention, time to honour oneself, time to grieve, time to accept and time to let
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By remembering you honor and acknowledge others who have shaped the many ways in which who and what you are. See gratitude as the relationship-strengthening emotion, because it requires you to see how you’ve been supported and affirmed by other people and the divine, even if at the time it might not feel like it. We’re constantly benefitting from the skills, creations, and kindnesses of others, from the creation of the telephone to connect, to those that hold a door open for us and the nurses that take care of us.

As witnessed in this book the miracle of gratitude will shift your perception to such an extent that it changes the world you see. Gratitude is like the ocean, majestic and full and Grace is the buoy that surrenders to the ebb and flow knowing all is well in the present moment.

You, regardless of your life experiences and situation right now, have the choice to open and welcome gratitude and grace into your life right now. If you so choose to you won’t be sorry. In Gratitude and Grace my

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