Importance Of Government

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“Government, even in its best state, is but a necessary evil; in its worst state, an intolerable one,” said Thomas Paine, an English-American political activist. Government is unavoidable, it helps protect innocent people. Governments have evolved to become more efficient. They also change to support more groups of people. America itself is a fairly new government and is adapting to become more perfect.
Government is critical because communities need someone or something to keep their people safe. If a state, or even one city went into complete anarchy there would be intense consequences. Local gangs would become more powerful and take control of their areas. There would be a large surge of gang wars all over the city, resulting in hundreds
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In ancient Egypt the Pharaoh was seen as a god on earth. Since then we’ve not only advanced in ingenuity ,but also with our governments. We have a much larger middle class. We have a lot better support for people from different backgrounds. We have numerous more rights. Minorities, although often are treated badly, are seen as equal to majorities. Many of this things aren’t as developed in less advanced countries. For example, as of 2008, in Nigeria, the punishment for same-sex sexual activity is 14 years, police kill citizens and there is often no investigation, rapists are almost never punished, and it’s legal for a man to beat his wife as long as she isn’t hurt to the point of not healing. We also have governments that have had plenty of time to evolve, and still are. An example of this is the Kingdom of England; which was founded in 927 AD. In the middle ages the king was chosen by divine right. When the barons rebelled it was considered a sin, but that didn’t stop them from rebelling when they didn’t like the king. The system was formed so the best way the people could change the government was rebelling. Now they still have a monarchy, but the king and queen have little to no control of the government. The parliament has all the power, and citizens vote for the members of parliament. The people also vote for a party and the head of party becomes Prime Minister. The residents get to vote for many referendums. There are many other countries including Spain and Ireland that have evolved greatly from when they were first

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