Importance Of Good Communication Skills

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How Good Communication Skills can help you in getting job?
Good communication skills can definitely help you get desired job and ensure a positive future. You need to choose your words correctly when communicating in official workplace environment otherwise it may break your growth in the marketplace. Talking about job interviews, if you are able to articulate all that you know, whether in written or spoken form, you can definitely get the desired job. In this article, we will guide you how good communication skills can help you in getting the desired job and how you can enhance your communication skills for a rewarding and prosperous future.
Benefits of Good Communication Skills
1. Lets you Explain your Experiences and Work: - Ability
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Involve in Active Listening: - Though you will be talking all the time in an interview explaining what you know and what you have done. But active listening skills are also a crucial part of the communication. If you do not listen to what interviewer is saying, you may do not get indulge in proper communication which can lead to miscommunication and misinterpretation. Hence, take time to listen what speaker has to say and then respond.
3. Helps Write Impressively: - Listening, reading, writing and ultimately speaking are all parts of effective communication. During an interview, you may be asked to draft a personal essay or a short paragraph as a part of the job interview process. It will test your ability to persuade and engage the reader. This is where you can show up your impressive writing skills while getting the job.
4. Makes you more presentable: - Good communication skills make you more presentable. The way you carry yourself, present your experiences and talk with the interviewer can tell a lot about your personality. All these things can contribute to make you look and feel confident. You are sure to get a job if you are able to present yourself
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It is important to know these barriers and make an effort not to let these barriers come in your communication process. Below mentioned are several barriers or obstacles that can come in between the process of effective communication.
1. Inappropriate body language: - Incorrect or inappropriate body language can contradict what you say. If you say something but your body language means something else, the listener may feel that you are dishonest. For an example, saying yes verbally but shaking your head in no can confuse the listener what you are exactly trying to say.
2. Lack of focus: - Lack of focus or concentration is another barrier in effective communication. Communicating with someone about something and thinking or daydreaming about something else is going to give wrong impression about your personality. You need to stay focused to ensure you understand and respond correctly based on what is asked.
3. Stress:- When you are stressed or emotionally unstable, you are most likely to read the instructions incorrectly and send incorrect responses. We advise candidates to practice 15 minute yoga or exercises to wave away all their stress and worry. This will keep them fresh and active during the interview

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