The Best Way To Prepare For College Students Go To College

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Education is the best way to prepare for your future career, right? I certainly used to think so. However, now sometimes it seems like education is just there to prepare us for more education. The biggest dilemma many students find themselves in now is if they should even bother going to college. My younger self believed that choosing to attend a university was a no-brainer if you wanted to be successful with your life, and that being prepared for it just meant having a brain. Recently, however, that attitude has changed drastically, particularly about who should go to college and what deems them prepared or not.
In the larger scheme of things, is a college degree even the most important part of getting that successful career? That’s certainly what I used to believe and it’s
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Despite all the errors in judgement I have had in the past about it, there are still more questions people ask themselves before they make the decision to attend undergraduate school. I used to believe only failures and dropouts didn’t go straight to university, but in reality there are so many respectable careers and reasons that college isn’t the right choice for someone. Some high paying professions like underwater welding can be sought after without any degrees. Not only that but some people can very correctly recognize that they are just not college material and that’s nothing to be ashamed of. If you’ve been too sheltered, too irresponsible, or just too young college might not be the correct next choice, but maybe some more life experience first. Another huge argument against is the cost. This never even occurred to me because I knew that between scholarships and my parents I would be coming out the other side totally debt free, however, this can be a huge problem for people. There are ways around it through scholarships and the military, however, places like Paypal now have scholarships for people to not attend

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