Importance Of Going Off To College

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As long as I can remember I always talked about going off to college, I had the urge to leave my home and experience new things. I felt that I could better myself through education and most importantly help others along with my family. My way of doing this was by majoring in biology and becoming a pediatric neurosurgeon.
Biology according to the Merriam Webster dictionary is a science that deals with things that are alive; such as plants, animals and humans. While majoring in biology there are subjects that are necessary to understand throughout the undergraduate process. These subjects and highly required courses are chemistry, physics, and mathematics, and more rigors courses that are related. These courses either prepare you for major
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The careers you can start with an associate’s degree are an assistant position in laboratories or research facilities. An associate’s degree is ideal for high school students that have just completed their high school career, and are looking for hands on experience in a higher level work field in a short amount of time. It takes about two years to complete an associate’s degree, however for students who are looking for more of an advancement in the professional work force a bachelor’s degree is the route that is recommended. Like mentioned before a bachelor’s in biology is very competitive job market due to the amount of information that is required and the pay it offers. A bachelor 's degree program goal is to create experienced students who are capable of showing the ability to research and provide good thinking techniques when dealing with the subject of science. These set of skills can lead to professional careers in research facilities, a hospital, or a field …show more content…
When I noticed that there are not many world-renowned surgeons that are women not only did it cause me to question my choice in major/ profession, but it made me question myself. But I realized that I’m interested in the subject of biology more than anything else. I didn’t pick being a teacher because I didn’t have the patience nor did I find a calling to do so. Lastly was the experiences that I have had with the ever advancing field of medicine that made me not change my mind. I knew that I had all my intermediate family had experience and the field and they were going to support me every step of the way.
My passion for the major biology grew deeper when I figured out what I planned on doing with my degree. Pediatric neurosurgery, which came from the move Gifted Hands a biography about the world renowned pediatric surgeon, Dr. Ben Carson. This movie showed me I didn’t need the perfect family to make a change, it showed me that I could make a difference just by working on myself through my education. I find myself sitting back and picturing myself in the shoes of a pediatric neurosurgeon , and it excites, motivates , and makes me emotional just to know that I’m working one

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