Importance Of Globalization In Children Of Heaven

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Children of Heaven— When Globalization Invades The phenomenon of globalization is inevitable in the 21st century. Due to the advancement in technology, communication, and transportation, time and distance seem to collapse, which certainly allowing the establishment of a global village. The positive effects of globalization should be increasing in markets to export as well as strengthen countries’ economies. Ironically, Children of Heaven (Majidi, 1997) conveyed the forgotten side effect of how several aspects of distance within a country had increased. There are three perspectives to be discussed in this analysis regarding the impact of globalization: urbanization inequality, environmental influences, and cultural changes. In addition, the analysis would underline the importance of urban planning and policies execution. Tehran, as one of the cities that has rapidly developed to be a primate city for the Middle Eastern region, it has more population, economic strength as well as complications in comparison with other Iranian cities (Macionis & Parrillo, n.d.). Due to post-revolution inflation, the middle …show more content…
Although it seemed to be a temporary solution for social stratification, there were sacrifices made such as male leaving family behind for work, moving from further rural areas to slums in the city, gain higher wage only through physical hard work and so on. In Children in Heaven (Majidi, 1997), a typical “slum” was demonstrated through the place where Ali’s family lived. The studio was a substandard housing that was overcrowded, unaffordable, and the city infrastructure was poorly built. As the landlord urged Ali’s mother not to waste water to wash rugs, clean water supplies seemed to be another issue in the harsh living environment. Moreover, the waste management of the city was not properly planned, considering there were runoffs stuck in the gutter on the side of the

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