Importance Of Global Citizenship

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Week 1 Assignment
Importance of Developing Global Citizenship
Christine Viele
GEN499 General Education Capstone Professor Cakir October 31, 2016
Importance of Developing Global Citizenship
Global citizenship is essential today. Being a global citizen with advanced technology has not only made me into a better person and helped with my identity, but it has benefited my success in meeting my goals. Intergroup empathy and intergroup helping are the two most important schools of thought when it comes to global citizenship because both have helped me become a global citizen today with the personal experiences I have had in my life, and even general education courses have shaped my identity, too.

Benefits of Being a Global Citizen
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(2010), and I learned that being a global citizen with advanced technology can benefit me in meeting my personal, academic, and professional goals. I interact with others in my courses via the student portal in discussions and am openminded, nonjudgmental, fearless, approachable, kind, and confident so I can reach personal goals of making better friendships. My academic goals of attaining my bachelor’s degree with straight A’s will benefit because I am a global citizen in the advanced technology world. Through having hope and confidence, studying often, and reading the eBooks, I will succeed. Being a global citizen with advanced technology can benefit myself attaining my professional goal, which is to obtain a wonderful paying career I enjoy, through me having a better understanding of the emotions in the world around me so I can positively reinforce hope, build confidence, and drive out fear and humiliation just like the video mentioned by Jakobs and Monfils (2010). Online courses help my development as a global citizen since there is diversity. I can interact with people from far locations that have different cultures, values, and views instead of mostly the same types of people like myself in the same geographical locations mainly how my old community college was mostly made up

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