Importance Of Geography In A Globalizing World

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Geography in a Globalizing World * new technologies allow for locational flexibility=more functional integration between economic activities, increasingly dispersed so that products, markets, and organizations are both stpread and linked across theglobe * govt cope with consequences via international and political alliances * Humans can alter environment on the global scale * Serious global environmental degredation deforestation, acid rain, desertification, loss of genetic diversity, smog, soil erosion, groundwater decline, pollution of water bodies * Globalization and new mobility of money, labour, products and ideas increases significance of a place * The more universal the diffusion of material culture and lifestyles, the more valuable regional and ethnical diversity becomes * The faster the info highway takes people into cyberspace, the more they feel the need for a subjective setting they can call their own * The greater the reach of transnational corps, the easier they can respond to place-to-pace variations in labour markets and consumer markets and the more radically that economic geography has to be
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Share a common origin and have similar grammar and vocab * Cultural hearth: geographical origin or source of innovations, ideas or ideologies (Carl

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