Importance Of Food

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Meals are important factors in our everyday life. For some of us receiving food can be a big challenge. For that reason we should never turn back meals others wished they had. In my case having a meal I desire I usually am able to receive, unless I want something that is not made at home and I do not have money to buy it. Other challenges to getting food include, food cost, the food we are receiving, who makes the food, and your dislikes and likes. As mentioned above, food cost can be one of the main reasons people do not have the nutrition they need to live. There is many people who do not eat because they do not know how to cook or are too lazy to cook and just want to eat fast food. They think that having fast food is a way of saving money, …show more content…
I have learned that when you really want something, you do anything it takes to accomplish your goal. I wanted to learn how to cook and I started with following small recipes and watching my mom. I started to make myself helpful by telling her that I wanted to learn. When I was young I use to suffer from asthma for being overweight. There was people who would say rude things until I decided I had enough. I started working out and being healthy by cooking for myself, not skipping meals, and not eating fast food. Nutrition is very important because that sometimes helps our self-esteem become better, we do not need to worry about being unhealthy and makes us be more confident about our nutritional choices for our next meal. I don’t think that a 5 day period is typical for my diet because I do different things. In my case I like to take care of myself for more than just 5 days. When I am willing to lose weight I motivate myself to work out every day of the week. I do not like to get any fast food, no soda, and drink pure water with all my meals. During this project I tried not to skip meals so that I had information to fill in for my diet of 5 days. Normally I skip meals a lot because my schedule makes it complicated to follow the daily meal routine of the

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