Importance Of Food Hygiene

Food hygiene
Food hygiene is termed as the preservation and preparation of food in a way that ensures it safety for human consumption. Food hygiene is equally important domestically and commercially. Food Hygiene may be defined as:
Purchasing of food:
While purchasing the food we must care about the following things.
• Always purchase the food on the day when you are going to cook it
• Always buy fresh things and check the signs of good quality food
• When you buy poultry or fish meat keep it in a separate grocery bags so the blood from them may not contaminate the food
Preparing of food:
Food preparation is an important step. We must take care that food may not be contaminated and its nutrients may not be lost. Bacteria grow rapidly between the temperatures 50C to 600C.This is called temperature danger zone. So all types of food must be cooked above 750C to kill all the pathogens. • While preparing meat we must keep it away from other eatables.
• We must wash the knife and cutting board after cutting the meat
• Do not rinse the meat too much so it could lost its essential nutrients.
• While cooking meat it must be care that meat should not have red juices
• Meat is always cooked
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It is caused by consumption of contaminated food. Food is contaminated mainly by viruses, bacteria and parasites. Foodborne diseases are mainly infectious diseases. Scientists believe that foodborne diseases are more than 250 in number. Foodborne diseases are generally termed as food poisoning. It is caused by the consumption of food obtained by natural sources and also by those manufactured artificially in industries. Foodborne diseases have destroyed the health of people both in developed countries and developing countries but the people in developing countries are more affected due to often lack of hygienic environment and food safety

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