Importance Of Follow The Yellow Brick Road And Enter My Childhood

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Follow the Yellow Brick Road and Enter my Childhood
Growing up as a child in Singapore has taught me the importance of family. I was provided an idyllic life. I was raised in a home filled with love, support, peace, and happiness. My mother and father were both attorneys working full time, but they always made it a point to make time for me and my four other siblings. My childhood is so memorable because of four prominent objects in my life. Tea time with my family of seven, baking with my Irish-twin sister and my parents, travelling to countries like Hong Kong and Thailand for vacations and consistently coming together as a family to pray.
Gathering for daily tea time as a family demonstrates how I was raised, while growing up in the multiracial
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Creating something from the heart, in the form of edibles, for the family is just one example of showing your love and appreciation to those around. It matters not what is adorned, but rather the person within the outfit. No amount of money will matter if the only person they are concerned about is themselves. A simple way of telling if someone cares about the family is through the things they do for them. Baking a three-tiered Devil’s Food Cake with velvet-textured bittersweet chocolate ganache smeared and sandwiched in between each layer of cake to crown that special someone’s birthday is one sincere way of showing someone how much you care for them. Actions speak louder than words. Any family member can say they love the other, but if nothing is done to prove that love, it is nothing more than words rolling off the tongue. Baking can bring about a sense of calmness and clarity, something many family members need. Baking can be a reputable source for those learning to be more cautious, patient, and humble; a few characteristic traits I retained from my years as a child that have shaped me into the woman I am today. Baking and family tea time are just two of the four prominent objects that remind me of my childhood. I would have to attribute my memorable childhood to the amount of travelling we did as a family while my …show more content…
I lived a happy life as a child because our constant time in prayer as a family protected us from the snares of the devil. This is reflected through the way we interact with each other. Our words used to pierce each other like knives, but by placing more emphasis on God in our day to day lives, we became less curt with our words towards one another. A day is never complete until each of us is kneeling at the foot of our candle-lit altar, with a beaded-rosary in our hands and our mouths moving as we pray to the Virgin Mary, Mother of God. Prayer has always been at the center of our lives. It is through our constant prayer that we have remained a close-knit family, even through the times of struggle, from economic and financial issues amongst my parents, to education and social life challenges between me and my siblings. Moving to America was a huge sacrifice for us as a family, because of the culture shock. from the ways of speaking, to the ways of life, there were some stark differences that were a little hard to wrap our minds around but they persisted and trusted in God and accepted the struggles and hardships that came with the move, for the benefit of myself and my siblings and to this day, it is not possible to thank them enough for their willingness to put us

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