Proverbs In Garden City

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Prominent folklorist Alan Dundes mentions about three levels of studying and analysing folk lore: (1) Text, (b) Texture, and (c) Context; of all these the level of context is the most important. According to Allan Dundes the context of an item of folklore is the specific social situation in which that particular item is actually employed. Without context study of proverb also remain incomplete. In his book Magic Science and Religion (Garden City, 1954 P- 104) Bronislaw Malinowski also says, The Text of course, is extremely important, but without the context it remains lifeless.
In order to know a proverb clearly one must know the context or social situation in the proverb is used. Only then one can understand the inherent meaning
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Texts of riddles are characteristically short. The primary function of riddle is to obtain entertainment. Riddles are generally associated with the fun of children rather than with the serious preoccupation of adults. The texts and language of riddles tend to focus predominantly on concrete, homespun details rather than on the more abstract features of human relation and behaviour which one expects for instance, in proverbs and aphorisms. However these are not valid conclusion in spite of having accuracy. Although the primary function of riddle is entertainment and fill the gap of time, in some societies riddles have social and dialectical value. Some of the Arabic riddles and Old English riddles are regarded far more serious than a simple child’s riddle with the argument that riddles tend to focus predominantly on concrete, homespun details rather than on the more abstract features of human relations is not an argument to disapprove the possible sophistication of riddles as an art form. Instead of that there are instances to put forward in favour of their sophistication in terms of compactness of imagery, appropriateness of analogies and so on. For example one Persian riddle usually shared by Japanese Haiku: A lion’s thumb, a Godzilla’s jump, and ass’s cry ——Frog, or a blue napkin full of …show more content…
In the Greek drama ‘Oedipus Rex’ written by Grecian dramatist Sophocles, there is example of riddles. In the Mahabharata the questions asked by Dharma to Yudhisthira are examples of riddles.
3. Purpose of Riddles
Riddles are unique source of the Assamese folk literature. Riddles have had a long history. Riddles have been asked as a way of entertainment, fun and process to discard boredom. For the children riddles are used by the elders as a method of imparting worldly wisdom, knowledge. They have been used for ceremonial purpose or recreational purpose in Asia, Australia and Europe but according to R.H.Lowie, neither the proverb nor the riddle was developed in America.
Still there is practice in the rural society to ask riddles to the bride groom when he comes out of his home to go to the house of the bride and tie the nuptial knot. Such ritual is practiced to bless the couple so that however obstacles come on their way they might overcome and live the life successfully to the very end.
Riddles have been associated with the careers of Samson and Oedipus; in ancient India riddles were part of the horse sacrifice rituals. The riddle proper is brief and precise, written with alliteration and rhyme. In Assamese riddles means sathar or distan words with uncertain derivation, an illustration, a

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