Importance Of Fitness Essay

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According to the Oxford American Dictionary; fitness is defined as “the condition of being physically fit and healthy.” There are a multitude of definitions of what fitness means, it’s different for each person. Although the term is broad, it solely refers to overall health and well-being. Despite the growing obesity rates in America, fitness has become an obsession. What was once a trend in the late 70s has become a lifestyle rather than a fad for the population. It can be argued whether fitness will keep the human body healthy or not since there are proven benefits it provides for mental and physical health, but as always, too much of anything, even if it is good, can be deleterious to anyone’s health.
Before the modern age, fitness was
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There has been a theme in the history of fitness that has been followed and repeated in the 21st Century. For example, military and political propaganda has persuaded people to get fitter for society, but usually after a war, people will tend to exercise less. Another example is, the act of exercise relating to the body, spirit, and mind. The Greeks believed that with all the chaos going on around, the only way to obtain a sound and stable mind is through a healthy body, which exercise can only bring (“History of Fitness”). Overall, as a society, fitness is still practicedas it was in the past. But it has been noticed that as wealth and technology advances, the fitness levels of people start to ebb …show more content…
“Regular physical activity has been shown to reduce the risk of certain chronic diseases, including high blood pressure, stroke, coronary artery disease, type 2 diabetes, colon cancer, and osteoporosis.” (22) Physical activity is the main key factor to improving overall health and well-being. Engaging in exercise helps aid and control weight. In order to lose or maintain weight, food eaten must be burned though exercise. When participating in any type of heart-pumping activity, that alone burns calories & the more intense the activity, the more calories that are burned. Other than the physical advantages fitness can bring, there are a lot of emotional benefits that come into play. When feeling stressed or pessimistic, physical activity assists in stimulating multiple brain chemicals that will clear the mind and help an individual feel

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