Fitness And Fitness

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My generation has become a technology based society using their time on social media, television and other entertainment sources. Therefore, I believe I could help inform our society more about physical activity and fitness as a whole to help them change their lives and become a healthier, confident selves. Fitness or physical activity for can be broken down into three categories. Firstly, maintaining a consistent training schedule whether it is cardio, or in the weight room will help develop a strong base in engaging in physical activity. Secondly, a healthy diet is key, in order to reach potential goals. Such as, losing weight, gaining muscle or just becoming physically healthier. Lastly, supplementation is the final step and is used mostly for people who are generally on the go and do not have access to the right food sources for their daily intake.

Whether it is engaging in physical activity outside, at home, or in a gym, anywhere can work. I have seen many people have a home gym, run, bike or swim. All of these factors are components of training. Training is the base of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Depending on the workout you are doing there are many ways you can start your training either being a beginner,
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Maintaining a well balanced diet is key to achieving your goals and ultimately is the number one factor in becoming healthier. When a well balanced diet is built and a training schedule is maintained it will help people achieve their goals. Lastly, when you are not able to find the time to have a well balanced diet supplements can help you achieve your goals quicker. All together, engaging in physical activity can help you achieve goals whether they are long term or short term and will benefit your life in many other aspects such as, health, well being and

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