The Importance Of Health Care Finance

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Health Care Finance Health care industry is a growing business not just in America but also around globe. Behind any business, finance play a crucial in building, driving and maintaining the business regardless of the type of business is. Ultimately health care is a business, which definitely requires financial management in order to run the business. Since finance is an important aspect of health care business, it becomes extremely important for the Health care professional to have fundamental knowledge in finance. For instance Doctors, Nurse practitioners, Physician assistants, Pharmacists and Nurses etc.…. The purpose of this paper is to discuss the how socio economic status affect the health outcomes, explain affordable care act, discuss …show more content…
Access to care is widely dependent on the affordability. People with low socio economic status are more likely to not seek or access medical care they need, due to lack of medical insurance. Low Socioeconomic has definitely affected the nation’s health. This raises a major question is whether health care a right or a privilege?

Is Health Care a Right or a Privileged?
It is widely believe that health care should be a citizen’s right. It is difficult to predict whether health care in United States is a right or a privilege, because the health care in United States is still going through extensive transformation. Affordable Care Act (ACA) has definitely provided more and more people an access to care they need, which implies health care in United States is becoming more of a right than a privileged. Is the Affordable Care Act the Answer for Americans?
The passage of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) represents a significant turning point in the evolution of health care policy in the United States. The ACA targets some of the major impediments to accessing needed health care for millions of Americans through creating an infrastructure that seeks to achieve universal health insurance coverage in the United States (Gable, 2011, p.
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Affordable care act has made a difference in terms of reducing the health insurance cost, which in turn reduce the number of uninsured people. It is a great news that more and more people would be able to access health care they need. Affordable care act is still not fully accepted in some states of the United States. Medicaid expansion under the ACA still being debated in some of the states. Millions of Americans continue to receive delayed, interrupted, and suboptimal care rather than preventive and continued care due to the fact that some of the states has rejected Medicaid expansion (Jones, Tefferi, Steensma, & Kantarjian, 2015, p. 1163). Rejection of the Medicaid expansion in some states is certainly a hurdle for American health care system heading towards the right direction. It may take some time. Eventually, the goal will be achieved, which is to make health care available at lower cost and cover all citizens, the poor, the elderly and the

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