Importance Of Feasibility Study Of Street Food

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Register to read the introduction… Filipinos love to eat and that’s the reason why you will see a of restaurants and fast foods restaurants scattered in the cities.These restaurants and fast foods can be local or international food chains. Filipinofood and chefs are considered one of the best in the world. It is hardly surprising that
Filipino food is often labeled as somewhat strange (like the “balut” for example) but in its own way, its food is a unique mixture of eastern and western cuisines and reflects the history of Philippines. The Filipino food includes dishes and cooking procedures from China, Spain, Mexico, United States, and more recently from further abroad. However, what makes them Filipino is the history and society that introduced and adapted them; the people who turned them to their tastes and accepted them into their homes and restaurants, and specially the harmonizing culture that combined them into modern Filipino fare. Some of the popular fast food chains of Philippines are Jollibee, McDonald, KFC, and Chowking, etc. and popular restaurants being Abe, Chelsea,
Friday’s, Chili’s and a lot
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Though important, good food is only a part of the total dining experience. Equally important is believed to be the way people feel while in the restaurant. This physical and emotional response is a result of the atmosphere, the total environment to which customers are exposed. The proper atmosphere can make the food, service and whole dining experience seem better. For that reason a restaurant or a fast food must take care of the following to please its customers. This includes checking the cleanliness of the place and freshness of the food, guarded premises, parking area where people can park, ambiance and landscaping, building design, lighting, and

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