Music In The Class Room Research Paper

Derek Oxley
College Comp
Exemplification Essay
Why Music in the Class Room and Other Places is a Great Idea!
Music is an amazing thing! It has the ability to completely take over a person. Music is very elevating because, it can change our moods, trigger memories, help those with disabilities and severe injuries and even help people and kids learn! Yes music, helps kids learn. Now let’s take a look at the crazy things music can do.
Music can change our moods. If a person is sad, upset, or depressed music has ways to change how that person feels. According to multiple studies on the subject, musical therapy not only helped patience, it actually made them happier and helped them cope with their current state or condition. It also helped
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Music affects two parts in the brain called the hippocampus and the frontal cortex. These areas are in charge of memories. They also are constantly taking in information on a person surroundings and situations. Most memories don’t simply come when a person want them to. Music helps the brain provide a rhyme and rhythm to help unlock the memory with help from certain cues in the music. This is why on certain songs people just get overwhelmed with memories (Jenkins).
Music can positively help people with Alzheimer’s. Research shows that singing and listening to music benefits people with Alzheimer’s and other types of dementia. This is because musical memories are preserved to key areas of the brain which are relatively undamaged by the disease. If assisting a loved one or another person, try thinking about their preferences such as Country, Rock, or Classical etc. Also try to sing along or set the mood. This will help a lot
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Students who are in band tend to be less likely to abuse substances due to many songs being antidrug for example is Young MC’s “Just say No”, and Brand Nubian’s “Slow Down” (Education).
Filling us with feel good chemicals, assisting us with writing and language skills, enhanced reflexes, and helping with diseases and conditions. These are only some of the things music can do for us. Now give it a shot, maybe a person will find a song or beat that gets a person into a groove!

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