Importance Of Ethics In Social Work

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Register to read the introduction… Maintaining a therapeutic relationship with clients means that a social work should not indulge in dual relationships with their clients. In meaning, a social worker should not engage in any sexual relationships with them client whether or not the client is on their caseload, was a former clients, or terminating services to engage in a nonprofessional relationship. This ensures that the worker was competence in his/her decisions and clears the worker on any legal liabilities. In addition to maintain a therapeutic relationship with the clients, a social worker must maintain a professional relationship with their colleagues. Maintaining professional boundaries, it imperative to the profession to ensure that it will not be create unethical dilemmas such as any sexual harassment, misconduct, or exploitation in the workplace. As a social work, one of our ethical responsibilities is to report any unethical behaviors. If a social worker is engage in sexual relationship with a colleague, they are now placed in a situation that can cloud their judgment and force them to make an unethical decision. In making an unethical decision, it displays that the worker is no longer competence in upholding the Code of Ethics and is eligible for legal action which they are at risk of losing their licensure under the State Board. All in All, anyone who is pursuing an interest in social work should have an understanding of the Code of Ethics to ensure that they are in validation of maintaining the ethical

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