Importance Of Environment Essay

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What is environment? We have heard about this word since we started studying and we use the term on regular basis. However, how many of us know the meaning of the word? The word ‘environment’ can be divided into two words: ‘Environ’ and ‘ment’. ‘Environ’ is French word which means surroundings and the term ‘ment’ is a noun which indicates an action. When we combine both the words, we get the term ‘environment’. Everything that surrounds us is considered a part of environment. Our surrounding comprises of all biotic factors like flora and fauna, living organisms, plants, animals, microbes, human beings and it also includes the abiotic factors which are air, light, water, soil, etc. In another words “Environment is sum total of water, air and …show more content…
A healthy environment leads to a healthy life. As we have already established the fact that environment consists of air, water, trees and other biotic things

We live in world were all we think about is, development and growth. We care about how tall buildings we live in, how to make our houses big and grand. However, we forget very important fact that is how we harming the nature in order to show ourselves as superior specie. We often tend to ignore how important it is for us to live in a healthy environment. As we are dependent on nature for basic things like air water and soil, imagine if all the air is polluted and all of the soil gone due to soil erosion and deforestation. That will be a scary world to live in. For a matter of fact, we will not be able to survive like this because if there is no
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Amrita Devi, a local women from Garhwala, Himalayas saw that the trees were being cut down at an alarming rate. “Chipko” in Hindi means to cling, reflecting the protesters main technique of throwing their arms around the tree trunks designated to be cut, and refusing to move.” As the villagers use to hug the trees the movement gained its name as “Chipko Movement’. In an old tale it is mentioned that once there was a king who wanted to expand his fort and ordered his servants to build him a bigger fort and in order to do so the servants went to the nearby village and started to cut down trees. Seeing this a Amrita Devi stood up to them and hugged the trees and boldly said "if you want to cut trees, you will have to kill me first". The servants and rest of the villagers were shocked to see such an act of selflessness. They thought how it is possible for a human to offer her life in order to save a lifeless tree. Her fellow villagers were shocked as well but they understood the importance of trees and helped her in her cause. But the servants were bound by the word of their king and had to follow orders. They chopped down her head as well and then proceeded with cutting down the trees. Before offering her head to the Maharajas servants, Amrita enchanted :- “seir santhe runkh raheb, to bhee sastojan” (it is till a small price to pay if at the cost of my head the tree is

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