Importance Of Entrepreneurship Education

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Entrepreneurship education has emerged over the past two decades as the most potent economic force the world has ever witnessed. The growth can be seen as indicative of widespread governmental belief in the positive impact that entrepreneurship can have on the socio-economic and political infrastructure of a nation (Matlay, 2008). Public policy makers recognise the importance of entrepreneurship as determinant of economic development and hence support instruments like entrepreneurship education to increase entrepreneurial activity (Fayolle et al., 2006). The value of, and the need for entrepreneurship education, which explains its phenomenal growth can be summed up in a report by the Global Education Institute (GEI) of the World Economic Forum (2009) which stated that while education is one of the most important foundations for economic development, entrepreneurship is a major driver of innovation and economic growth. Entrepreneurship education plays an essential role in shaping attitudes, skills and culture- from primary level up. In other words, entrepreneurial skills, attitudes, and behaviours can be learned, and that exposure to entrepreneurship education throughout an
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The first, “Entrepreneurship Awareness Education”, aims to increase knowledge about entrepreneurship and to influence attitudes that may impact intentions. The second category is described as “Education for Start-Up”. These programmes are geared toward people who generally already have an entrepreneurial idea and need to solve practical questions about becoming self-employed. The third category, “Education for Entrepreneurial Dynamism”, focuses on people who are already entrepreneurs and want to promote dynamic behaviours after the start-up phase. The last category “Continuing Education for Entrepreneurs” describes life-long learning programmes and focuses on experienced

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