How To Write A Narrative Essay About My Computer Class

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enjoyable school projects was assigned in my English class that year. We had to create a journal of fictional events, like we were reporters for national geographic. I did mine on sharks studying their behavior and attack patterns. It was a very fun experience and one that I look back at fondly. That year was not nearly as terrifying as I had originally thought. Seventh grade was much the same only I decided to join the band. Eighth grade I had something strange happen I had a teacher that for some unknown reason take a huge dislike to me. I remember we were watching the entire mini-series of Roots and for some reason she decided that I wasn’t present and I had skipped class, for the first time in my life I was called down to the disciplinary …show more content…
I went from basic regular math that wasn’t dealing with letters in my math problems to having to break a part equations and solving for x. I went into an academic tailspin. On the positive side for that year I took shop and a computer class as my electives along with band again. Shop was just about the most fun I had had in middle school. My computer class was fun as well but in a totally different way. A month before I would have finished eighth grade we moved up to Lake City. I went from having a fairly large social circle to having no social circle it was quite shocking to the system. I survived and moved on to high school. However, because of the moving so late in the year I pretty much kept to myself more than I should have. I did eventually develop a social circle but it was always relatively small. I dropped band and picked up a foreign language and medical career class. I avoided honors classes for the first year. In 10th grade I tackled Honors American History. This was probably my best choice academically that I made. I was so thankful to have taken this class, my teacher was a pure lecture style teacher. You read the assigned reading and the next class he lectured on it, due to this I developed a liking for this type of teaching and have since grown to prefer

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