Importance Of English Language And Migration Essay

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DIRECTIONS (51-60) Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given. Certain words/phrases have been given in bold to help you locate them while answering some of the questions.

Though it is commonplace to say we live in a globalised world, less well understood is that globalisation is taking place in stages. In the first stage as flows of capital and goods were liberated the benefits of globalisation e.g., technological advance-ments, flowed primarily to the deve-loped world. As we enter the current newer age of mobility, people have begun to move across borders in great numbers in pursuit of economic security and a better life for them-selves and to keep their families out of poverty.
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Global fora represent a step in the effort to harness the power of migration to advance development and increase our knowledge of how to make the migration equation work for all. Rather than focus on the negative consequences and recriminations of exploitation by developing countries such summits provide an opportunity for all nations to come together and address these issues in a comprehensive, logical and rational way so that the benefits of migration are fully realised in both developing and industrialised countries. Countries may examine how dual citizenship laws can ease the way for migrants to play a bigger role in development by bringing their capital, knowledge and networks back home. Such efforts will usher in the third stage of globalisation where everyone can share in the world’s prosperity.
Q.51) What does the fact that remittances exceeded international aid illustrate ? A. Migrants misuse concessions granted to them by the countries where they earn their livelihood B Migration can be a powerful means to bring about the development of the developing world. C. The amount of aid from developed countries has decreased
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1) Increased job opportunities in developed countries 2) Facilitation of technological advancement 3) Encouraging movement of citizens away from their native country 4) Difference in benefits to developed and developing countries 5) Sudden reversal of brain drain
Q.54) What is the objective of inter-national fora on migration ? 1) Create an awareness about the negative aspects of migration 2) Make the right to dual citizenship a fundamental right 3) Devise practical steps to optimise the benefits of migration 4) Defuse conflict between the leaders of developing countries 5) Control brain drain by restricting the movement of people across borders

Q.55) Which of the following is an advantage of migration ? 1) Labour costs have diminished 2) Banks earn high revenues from transaction fees that they charge migrants 3) Developed countries are no longer forced to provide aid to developing countries 4) It facilitates entrepreneur ship at the grass root level in migrants’ native countries 5) None of these
Q.56) What is/are the outcome/s of governments ignoring the issue of migration ? A. Migrants have to face

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